THE AUTHOR: Robert W. Schmieder
At the HILAC in 1970
With Albert Ghiorso in 2005

Robert Schmieder received his formal education (all degrees in physics) at Occidental College (B.A, 1963), Caltech (B.S., 1963), and Columbia University (M.A., 1965, PhD, 1968. He then came to LBL as a postdoc, where he used the HILAC to study the properties of 1- and 2-electron heavy ions. He then obtained a position as a member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, where he spent the next 25 years. At Sandia he carried out research on laser spark spectroscopy, combustion physics and chemistry, tritium tracers in hydrocarbons, production of highly stripped heavy ions, plasma physics, collective dynamics, and nanotechnology. In 1997 he left Sandia to start a company, NanoLogic. He has published about 100 technical journal papers and four patents. Outside of physics, he has carried out numerous scientific expeditions to remote oceanic sites, and has authored seven books (including one scientific biography) based on those expeditions. He is honored with four named species of plants and animals, and by an oceanic site.


Ecology of an Underwater Island (1991)
Rocas Alijos (1993)
The Peter I Island Expedition (1994)
Messages from the Easter Island Expedition (1995)
The Heard Island Expedition (1997)
The Expedition to San Felix Island (2002)
Great Adventures (Childrens Stories) (2010)
Edward Cordell and the Discovery of
Cordell Bank (2012)
Element: The Amazing Life of Albert Ghiorso (in prep)
NanoLogic: The Future of Computing (in prep)


Schmieder Bank (eastern Pacific Ocean )
Codium schmiederi (an alga)

Erylus schmiederi (a sponge)
Megalomphalus schmiederi (a gastropod)
Pharia pyramidata schmiederi (a starfish)
NAUI Environmental Award
Life member of the Central Arizona DX Association
Awarded DXpedition of the Year three times
Amateur Radio Hall of Fame

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